Assignment details

Location: Abbotsford 3067

Region: Melbourne

State: Victoria

Duration: 239 days

Dates: 05-May-2018 - 30-Dec-2018

Requirements: Opportunity now exist for a housesitter to join my house in Richmond.

Housesitter means someone who doesnt mind stay in the house most if not all the time and help with some regular generic cleaning. The cleaning is quite straightforward, doesnt take much time, easier than caring for a pet, but needs you here most of time, just like caring for a pet need you here most of time

Your job would be to assist the current housekeeper, and be in the house whenever the current housekeeper goes to school or work. The key is to have either yourself or the current housekeeper in the house all the time, so the house is not unattended.

Please note this is an unpaid arrangement, what you get is free accommodation (either a tent, a bed in living room, or any unoccupied bed in the house) and free breakfast.

To be successful to this arrangement, you must be:

1) Someone with good common courtesy, a good brain, speaks good english, clean, tidy and love cleaning.

2) Someone long term. I prefer someone who can be here for many many months or years. Hopefully someone with appetite to be house manager one day

3) Someone who does not have much commitment outside and does not mind staying in house most if not all the time, which fits the description of "housesitter"

If interested, write to me why you are suitable for this arrangement

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