Assignment details

Location: Withcott 4352

Region: Darling Downs

State: Queensland

Duration: 42 days

Dates: 06-Sep-2018 - 18-Oct-2018

Requirements: We live in a beautiful 3 story home in Withcott, Lockyer Valley, QLD - only 5 mins from Toowoomba.

Garden is very easy to look after and shouldn't need any work from you while we are away.

Our gorgeous cat Dexter needs a reliable companion and housemate, who is a cat lover! Dex is an affectionate cat and spends most of his time indoors, with a wander around outside during the daytime as he chooses. He is a happy and easy to please kitty, and very friendly, although timid of strangers initially.

Our deck is a relaxing place, with many native birds (including King Parrots and Rainbow lorikeets), possoms, bush turkeys and more calling our garden their home!

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