Assignment details

Location: Capel 6271

Region: South West

State: Western Australia

Duration: 49 days

Dates: 15-Nov-2018 - 02-Jan-2019

Requirements: We Live in Capel (down in the South West) we are only 12 mins drive from Peppy Beach and live in a 4x2 country styled home.We have 4 Beautiful indoor Cats named Molly, Sunnie, Billy & Chad, they have a huge outdoor cat cage out the backyard that they play in amongst the trees a few hours a day. 2 mature aged friendly loving outdoor dogs named Bella & Tank. Bella loves to chase her ball. last of all a Pink and Grey Galah named Rusty that lives outside in his Bird Cage and loves to have a good chat! We live on a beautiful property and would love someone who has a passion for gardens and pottering around to keep them maintained as they are very easy to look after.

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Part of the backyard
bella, tank and chad the cat
Our front Garden
Molly Cat
Our Counrty home
Sunnie & Billy