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To the original and most experienced house sitting team in Australia. Finding a reliable house sitter is easy with us, and it's completely free. Simply enter the particulars of your house sit and we will send you a selection of sitters keen to care for your home and pets.

Since launching as Australia's first house sitting agency in 1993, we've been dedicated to helping home owners find reliable sitters to care for their home and pets. Over the years we evolved into Australia's first housesitting website.

23 years on and we continue to innovate. Rather than simply charging house sitters to list on a website, we offer a far smarter system. One that makes it much easier for home owners and sitters to connect.

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    With over 23 years of experience, we know that making it easy to find the right person is what counts. more

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    Why should finding a house be hard work? Our smarter systems do the leg work for you. more

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    Our unique systems attract experienced housesitters who know how to best care for your home and pets. more

Sitting And Thinking

Just some thoughts on house sitting and travelling lightly. If you have anything to share about house sitting please send them in via our contact form.

  • The Red Purrer

    Apr 30, 2016

    Recently a house sitting assignment was posted with a fantastic description. It sounded like a wonderful house sit

    First and most importantly is the cat, Ducati (the red purrer), he's somewhere around 15 years old and that's in people years. A little stand-offish at first and does like to be outside quite a lot, mostly to be found sleeping under a bush, but he does love to be inside in the evenings especially if there's a fire burning. The nights are chilly in these months. I have a lovely new wood-burning heater which makes it cosy. I will of course pay for Ducati's food. He will not like to share with any other creatures, unfortunately.

    The house is old, and not so swish. It has character. There are 3 bedrooms, one of which will be unavailable (mine). Plenty of living space, open and comfortable. I will endeavour to have some of my excess 'stuff' packed away in my ... read more

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