Assignment details

Location: TURA BEACH 2548

Region: South Eastern

State: New South Wales

Duration: 180 days

Dates: 13-Mar-2016 - 08-Sep-2016

Requirements: WHO WILL CARE FOR ME? They are doing it again – leaving me here while they go exploring! Although I’ve had experience with it I can’t quite get used to it. I'm Laddie, a very well-behaved and cuddly grandpa Border Collie (we’ll celebrate my 13th birthday together) and I appreciate company. I seldom bark except to warn about strange activity - if Mum and Dad need reminding I just push my food bowl around. I’ve lived outside most of my life, but I’m allowed inside more often recently and I love it – especially when it’s stormy or cold. Usually I sleep on the deck that spans the beach side of the house, where I can breathe the fresh air and hear the surf, but in the garage if there's a thunderstorm. Ask my parents for some pictures of the house! My parents wake in the morning to the sun streaming through the windows looking out along the beach. I know that, cause I can see them through the glass doors. About 2 mins on foot, and one dog-to-dog chat to the nearest entrance sees us on the sand. We usually walk the beach mornings and the golf course in the evenings - it's a good way to meet other dogs – and I really enjoy it! Although my arthritis worries me now and then, I am still pretty fit for my age! Alternative walks take us through the bush down to "Back Lake" or up to the "Woolies" supermarket. Longer walks to the north and south take us to adjacent beaches, Merimbula township or just along bush tracks. We find our house comfortable and a pleasure to live in: the solar hot water service keeps electricity costs low and although the stereo is traditional, it can play music from the computer. I’m not so sure about the smart TV – keeps me awake. And I’m smarter. Mum and Dad have their own bath and shower and walk-in wardrobe - can't understand it, 'cause I hate baths; I prefer to swim in the lake. And who needs a wardrobe with a woolly coat like mine? Guests have their own toilet upstairs and another bathroom/toilet in the guest quarters downstairs. The laundry is also downstairs. Floor coverings are carpet, tile and wood. There is a wood heater and reverse-cycle air-cons in the lounge and bedroom. There’s a dishwasher, rangehood above the induction stove and separate convection oven and smaller microwave/convection oven. I prefer our tank water to the mains water. The garden has a sprinkler system off tank or mains, but based on natives, doesn't need much care except for weeding - I help with the watering. I see Mum and Dad watering the staghorns every week, though - they're out of my reach. The garage can fit our car plus yours and has a remote-controlled door. Movement-sensor security lights surround the house, so I don't have to be on watch all the time. I know Mum and Dad would like to Skype me so they leave utilities connected, but I don't trust computers. I can't see how they get into that little box and don't smell any more. My parents and I have sensitive noses so we need non-smoking house sitters. They like to keep the house clean but are not obsessive about it - they would naturally expect to come home to the house as they left it. I need to know you'll look after me and give me lots of cuddles which I am used to and would terribly miss, so please send us referee details and let us know your thoughts and expectations. I am not used to small kids around me and would hate to make friends with another dog in the house who would leave me when my parents get back. Let me know if you’d like a selfie pic, Woof!

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