• Suburb : Collarenebri 2833
  • Region : North Western
  • State : New South Wales
  • Duration : 22 days
  • Arrive : 06-Oct-2020
  • Depart : 27-Oct-2020
  • Pet care required : Dogs, Cats, Reptiles
  • Special features : Caravan Parking
  • Location : Supermarket


We live in a 4 bedroom home with two dogs, Hooch the sooky Rottweiler and Delilah the hilarious bullmastiff. We also have George, an aging former street cat from Pentrith and Rosie, the small manx cat who is very affectionate - and they all adore people. There is also Hank, a bearded dragon who just hangs out in his aquarium.

Delilah doesn't care much for cats so the cats stay indoors and the dogs are outdoors, usually until the afternoon. The cats usually go down the back half of the house and the dogs come in. At bedtime the cats go to bed in the laundry and the dogs come to bed with us. They have their own beds on the floor. Having said all that, there is no requirement for the dogs to have to come inside or to sleep inside and there is an easy option to let the cats have outdoor time too.

The dogs and cats get fed only once a day about 5pm. If you are early or late it is not a huge issue, they just know when 5pm comes about and will hover around until fed! The cats have a wter bowl in the laundry that lasts a while and the dogs have a massive concrete water bowl in the backyard which is very easy to fill. The tap is right next to it and the hose for it is purposely set up so you only need to turn the tap on and off to refill the water bowl when needed. Hank doesn't need much care, just to ensure his water bowl is full and when his food bowl is empty to replensih it. He has pellets while were are away so it's an easy feed time, it usually takes him about a week to empty his bowl.

Our town may be very small, but we have a fantastic health care system (the hospital is a short flat walk from the house, a bowling club across the road (and no it's not noisy!) and a local pub just down the road as well as a fantastic butcher, local supermarket, takeaway, boutique shop that does coffee and sells a variety of very nice things, a mechanic, a service station, pharmacy, and the local post office. It is a great base to explore the surrounding area.

We have the Collymongle trees about 20kms out of town and Lightning Ridge is 88kms away. The Ridge is definitely a town that you can explore on more than one occasion! Plenty to see and do for sure. There are bore baths at Lightning Ridge, nearby in Burren Junction (which also has a pub that does a great feed!) and also baths in Walgett. Mungindi is also nearby and has the one tonne post as well as a few places to grab a bite to eat during your visit

Many options for day drives or single night trips to explore what the area has on offer, or relax at home with the BBQ, firepit, TV (has Chromecast) or enjoy the peace and quiet and read a book. We currently have a small vegetable garden that is producing cucumbers, zucchinis, tomatoes, capsicum, carrot (albiet very short ones!), beetroot, radishes, lettuce and loads of chilis. Still awaiting the eggplants..The watering of the veggie garden is also setup to be easy. Just turn on the other tap near the dogs bowl and the hose runs straight to the soaker hose in the garden. WE would like the lawn watered aswell if we are not on water restrictions. We have wobble t's and they cover the lawn quite well and will already be setup so only requiring taps to be turned on and off and not laboureous at all. We don't want you to spend all your time lugging things around! We want you to enjoy yourselves and have a look around our wonderful area.

We have wifi, dishwasher, washing machine, deep freezer, fans and split system air cons. There is no dryer setup but we do have a huge clothes airer and a dryer in the shed if you need it. There is ample safe parking out front of the premises as well as parking on the property. There is enough room to park a caravan or trailer. My car will still be at the property while we are away but there is still enough room on our driveway.

Please drop me a line if you are interested or have any further questions and we will do our bet to answer them! The provided dates are an estimate at this stage and we have short term care available for our animals shoud you have to leave earlier or start your stay later.

Thank you

Suzanne and Kel

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