Assignment details

Location: West End 4101

Region: Brisbane

State: Queensland

Duration: 9 days

Dates: 25-Dec-2018 - 02-Jan-2019

Requirements: We would like to find someone who genuinely cares about animals (and plants), and who is neat and tidy and a non-smoker, to look after our 12 month old (indoor) Frenchie & our 6 year old (indoor) British Shorthair cat. Our humble but sweet little home is located in a great inner city Brisbane area. We are a short walk to the river, and a longer but very pleasant walk into South Bank or the city itself. Fabulous restaurants are located just up the street & in surrounding blocks, with public pool/s, library, cinemas, supermarket, boutiques, coffee shops, markets & much more also in close walking distance. We have friendly neighbours (it is that kind of suburb) who can help you out should you want any local recommendations.

Our puppy is a very loving little creature, and although there is no need for huge walks (this would definitely be enjoyed, but is by no means essential!), there IS a need for short daily strolls, cuddles and quiet time, plus some stimulating and fun games.

Our cat is the most chilled cat in the universe, and sleeps almost 24/7, but will appreciate your company during any evening that you are on the couch relaxing with a book or Netflix!

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The cat who loves to help you work...
It does no™t take too much to put this Frenchie to sleep.
A definite smoocher!